Investment funds

Investing in bonds, stocks or other securities requires knowledge and time. You have to keep track of the market situation and try to predict how much these securities may be worth in a week, month or year.
There is, however, this form of investing in the capital market, which allows you to entrust our money experts - investment trusts.

Has a capital investment fund consisting of contributions made by its participants. This capital is invested in securities or other assets (eg deposits, currency or real estate).

Investment funds are managed by companies of investment funds, they employ investment advisors, or specialists who monitor the market situation and make decisions on what funds to invest funds to generate profits.

To invest in the selected investment fund acquires the so-called investor. units. They constitute the legal title to participate in the income earned by the fund. These units are valued every working day and at any time we can buy new or to require the redemption of the fund at the current valuation (quotation units)

The benefits of investing in mutual funds:
 use the services of experienced professionals
 diversification of the portfolio (choose the type of investment fund)
 efficiency investments (the fund invests in various financial instruments)
 liquidity - the units can redeem (sell) at any time, so we have quick access to our money

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